The cultural centre will accommodate an 800/500 seat theatre, inspirational library spaces, a café/bar and a boutique cinema at the heart of the building.




From the outside the Odeon building will be little altered, but life will be returned to the Northgate Street shops and main entrance: new glazed doors and windows will enliven the Hunter Street frontage, providing a link to the new café space inside the Odeon.  The new theatre forms an extension to the west along Hunter Street and its glazed cladding contrasts with the brick used on the Odeon.

Main Elevation Evening[6]

The glazed cladding of the theatre with its top floor studio and bar contrasts with the solid brickwork of the Odeon, whilst the new brickwork on the flytower and auditorium provide a link between the two buildings.



sideThe former shop units on Northgate Street are brought back to life to house the most popular library titles in a ’boutique’ setting.The Odeon’s main entrance is retained and restored, with the new theatre extension and studio clearly visible further along Hunter Street