Latest Images of Project Revealed

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Over the last few weeks visitors to Northgate Street will have seen the erection of the external scaffolding to the 1930’s Odeon building. This scaffold is required not only to provide safe access for repointing works to the brick exterior, but to also act as edge protection to enable the existing roof to be upgraded.

The total linear metre length of the project’s scaffolding is an impressive 28,256m that equates to over 17 miles of scaffolding.┬áIf laid out in one long run end to end it would be 8 times the length of Chester City walls (3200 Linear meters.)

The structural steel work has also progressed with the construction of the auditorium box which is now virtually complete, the Odeon itself work has undergone a transformation with the removal of existing walls and the formation of new openings to form what will be the new library layout.

Images by Mark Carline




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